The Whimsy Nomads


The Girls Behind the Brand

By nature we're very passionate. We're constantly searching for something to ease our wandering souls. Finding purpose in life, in all actuality, is the purpose of life. We personally feel that an individual is not meant to be unilateral. There is no one strict path to one strict destination, but rather many hats should be worn in one's life to obtain a fulfilling life....or maybe we just tell ourselves that to justify why we want to be nurses, photographers, entrepreneurs, bakers, artists, and hopefully one day stay at home moms (at least while our children are young). It takes time, work, and dedication to be really great at one thing. But to be frank, we want to be great at it all. For the longest time we felt like we could only have one goal and we could only work towards that one goal in order to make ourselves and loved ones proud. Multitasking is what keeps us going. Remaining in one place with nothing to do is a waste of perfectly good time. So yes, our to do lists are always compiled of more to do lists, and yes at times we think, "man I wish I would've slept more this weekend," BUT in the off chance we do in fact sleep in, we wake up with the urge to create something to do. The Whimsy Nomads is an all encompassing brand of all that we aspire to achieve in life. One day we may be baking a cake, and the next we may be off to explore the next place for a photo shoot, but we guess you'll just have to stay tuned to see where the wind blows us next!



Wifey to my high school sweetheart. Dog Momma to my Presley & Boss. I eat my feelings. My blood type is queso. I love fashion but think self-confidence is the best outfit. I am a graphic tee junkie. I love a good quote. Fresh flowers give me life but I have a black thumb. I don't have a favorite color, I love them all too much. I love the sound of rain. I'm a hopeless romantic. I am not a morning person. I smile at strangers. Taco Bell is my arch-nemesis. I am a day dreamer and a night thinker. I love finding inspiration in everyday things. I am a Whimsy Nomad.



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