The Whimsy Nomads


That one time we launched our business...

We had dreamed about the concept of this shoot before we even knew when we were launching.  Once we actually landed on a date, we nervously approached Michael’s craft store with high hopes and nervous expectations that we were dreaming too out of the ordinary and weren’t going to satisfy our end goal. It literally took an hour and we were on to the next store. We had two very different looks we were going for and were nervous we weren’t going to capture each look as genuinely as we wanted. We got our first outfits from a combination of H&M, Express, Zumiez, and Love Culture. To complete our first look were items found around each of our homes! Blair’s rug, chair, pouf, and nightstand were crucial to our set up. Taylor provided her donation of her boyfriend’s record player and collection of vinyl’s, as well as her paw paw’s badass bright red corvette that her dad completely restored when her Paw Paw passed away two years ago.  Look two was a breeze. We bought and crafted our floral crowns and anklets. Taylor grabbed her Free People dress, as well as her mom’s Free People dress (fun fact: they wre those same two FP dresses to Blair’s wedding a year ago!) for Blair and that was that! The beautiful chairs we got to pose in for this look were lent to us by Taylor’s grandma and the hanging fixture between the trees was handmade by Taylor, Blair, and Taylor’s mom for her apartment this past spring! Of course this entire shoot would be nothing without our location! Not only did Taylor’s Aunt Jackie, allow us to traipse around her beautiful land out in Suffolk, she opened her home to us for the entire day allowing us to do our outfit changes, primp our makeup, and just to catch some A/C when our set up got entirely too hot!

Day of the shoot we had enlisted the tribe. We had our makeup done at 11 (shoutout MAC), Taylor’s boyfriend, Jared, had packed up her grandmother’s awesome chairs, her parents were bringing the corvette and we were all headed for her aunt’s land! (Truly we enlisted everyone) Anyone who has planned and dreamed and conceptualized something knows it never goes right the first time, but it always ends up just fine! This day was no exception. The wind was both non-existent and we were sweating or it was full force and whipping our decorations everywhere! Taylor’s mom, Dawn, helped assemble and keep decorations tied down. She literally separated all of those piñata tassels individually and didn’t freak out once when the wind blew and also provided ice packs for Blair’s neck when she thought she was going to pass out (seriously, what a saint!). Jared made the ever so necessary Red Bull run and made sure we were kept happy and not sassy going into shooting (I think this was more for his benefit than ours lolol). Todd, Taylor’s dad, made sure our boho set up was complete and the top was off the corvette! 

Luckily for us, Dawn and Jared were willing to give our cameras a try and allowed us to be on the other side of things that day! They not only let us look at each shot and critique it but also allowed us to take the same picture a million times until we were comfortable with it! 

We absolutely could never convey how much appreciation for everything and everyone that made this day happen for us! We had so much fun and learned so much about ourselves throughout the whole process. The feelings we had on that day will forever resonate on shoot days when we can fully say we know how our clients feel. This shoot, this day, everything about all the images you’re about to scroll through, mean the world to us. Here’s to hoping you guys enjoy!

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