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That one time we did our first styled shoot...

This shoot will always and forever be so special to us! Taylor was sitting on the beach with her cousin Taylor (who everyone lovingly calls Moosh) chatting about the starting of a photography business between herself and Blair. We wanted an emphasis on styling and we wanted our feel to be very boho but very bright and unique.  Moosh herself is basically a Free People model (don't take her from us... or do, that'd be dope) so we brainstormed on how we could do a shoot! I politely asked when the last time she had talked to her super surfer, very handsome ex boyfriend (We know, awkward..) but per usual Moosh is the most awkwardly not awkward person ever and was down to text him! 

He replied and was excited to oblige. Josh's surfer look is more than just a style. He actually hand makes surf boards for WRV and has traveled all over chasing the waves. 
We strategically packed up our houses and apartments and headed down to nags head for our first ever styled shoot. You heard that right. Our first.ever.styled.shoot. 

We began to unpack with the help of Tay's parents and as rugs, side tables, candles, and room dividers piled out, their (along with many onlookers) eyes widened. It took two hours to set up and perfect our multiple "scenes." 

We were terrified yet 100% stoked to have full reign over a vision that we concocted!! Moosh and Josh were everything we aimed for. They were so much fun, so willing to go for any shot we thought may look good or be fun (holla at that champagne pop!) They laid in the water, twirled on command, and were so down to earth that it made our job super easy! They even helped us lug this two hour set up back to our cars in the dark because we literally could not stop clicking that camera, so we shot until the sun went down!

 Amidst all the fun we were having, we had beautiful strangers turned friends approach us and ask for us to stay an extra night and shoot a 40 year vow renewal the next night (go check out Pat & Scott's blog here)!! This shoot gave us so much more than the pictures we captured. It gave us confidence. We didn't even have business cards to hand out (still working on that...oops) nor did we think we'd even need them! We truly sought this shoot out to get our hands dirty and get some experience under our belt and we are, to this day, blown away at all that we took from this session. No amount of thank you's could cover the amount of appreciation we have for Moosh & Josh, we will forever be in love with this shoot, this day, and these beautiful pictures you both have so willingly let us plaster everywhere any chance we get!

-The Whimsy Nomads-

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