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Jessy & Ryan | Pregnancy Announcement

We felt so honored when Jessy reached out to us with her special news that she and Ryan were expecting this upcoming April.  Blair and Jessy became friends through Blair’s forever bestie Karrah. Jessy married one of Karrah’s husband’s (whaddup Nickel) best friend, Ryan! Did you follow that?! Yeah, I’m confused too now, but the point is, we met through mutual friends and they’re pretty dope people! From the moment Blair met Jessy, she knew her sweet, spunky and giggly self would fit right in with the clan.  From having a blast in Puerto Rico celebrating Karrah and Nickel’s wedding, to bonding over planning their weddings a week apart, to then FINALLY getting to celebrate each other’s big day’s together, Blair & Jessy have become great friends and now they’re both onto the next big milestones of their lives.

Now of course a pregnancy announcement wouldn’t be complete without explaining all of the sentimental items pictured. Jessy's grandma made her that sweet, colorful blanket! The worn and tethered elephant was Jessy’s as a baby. Her mom had given one to her and her sister as kids and when her sister found out she was pregnant, she found one almost identical and had it sent to her from Michigan, along with the Made in Michigan onesie where Baby Arnold was conceived! ;) We are suckers for sentiment and this shoot had our hearts melting!

We couldn’t be more elated for the Arnold’s on their newest adventure as Mommy and Daddy. If their kid turns out anything like the two of them, he/she will be goofy, silly, and full of heart and kindness. Jessy & Ryan – Thank you SO much for letting us capture this sweet time for you! We can’t wait to get our hands on that sweet baby in April!


The Whimsy Nomads

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