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Pope Family Session

Years ago something very special happened; two best friends gave birth to two little girls.  Over the next twenty or so years those two friends watched their daughters grow and succeed, but most importantly become incredible friends with an unbreakable bond. Karrah and Blair have been best friends since birth (literally – Blair was at the hospital when Karrah was born). Their whole families have been best friends their whole lives – grandmas, moms, dads, stepdads – the list goes on.  Karrah and Taylor are actually cousins! So when we mentioned we grew up with a tight knit group of girls and had a #squad – we weren’t lyin folks!

The beginning of this shoot started off somewhat sketch! Karrah wanted that super flowy and glowy (are those words? Probs not) field type location for her shoot.  Being new photographers, we are still getting familiar with shoot location ideas and scouting often. Blair had found a field in Virginia Beach that she drove by every day after work that was PERFECT for this family sesh and checked every box of Karrah’s vision! We mentioned before that we learn a new lesson with every shoot… Well, day of the shoot, we decided to get there about half an hour before the Pope’s to check lighting, get visual ideas for different scenes, etc. WELLLLLLL little did we know, that field was marked off by the City with signs posted literally every 5 feet around it!!

So naturally, we panic, OH CRAP. What do we do?! Since the Pope’s live in Norfolk and they hadn’t left to head our way yet, we decided to try and quickly go ride around Norfolk and scope out the area for a similar field. BAD IDEA. Haha! We had found a more woodsy type field and sent some quick iPhone pictures to Karrah and Nickel. While it was still a gorgeous location, in the end we all decided it just wasn’t the right mood or feel we all had our hearts set on. I’m gonna go on the record and say it was ultimately Nickel who brought out our inner rebels and led us all to say screw it, we were taking our chances and we were trespassing! (Sorry Nickel, front street! ;) ) After all, we DID have two of the most beautiful children with us and who could say no to THAT?!  So we very quickly made the trek BACK to Virginia Beach to this field and did our thang!

Luckily these clients of ours were basically family (well, literally for Taylor) because we wouldn’t have trespassed with anyone else but we are SO happy we took that chance for these pictures because I mean COME ON, how gorgeous did they turn out?!  We now know to always, always ALWAYS scope our locations out way ahead of time! Silver lining to the story -- the previously mentioned wooded location in Norfolk ended up being where we shot our friends Jessy & Ryan’s pregnancy announcements a few weeks later and it couldn’t have worked out more perfect!! You can see/read more about that shoot next week on the blog!

We are thankful for those lessons learned and the ability to grow with every shoot we do! We had a blast trekking around this gorgeous field with this gorgeous family! ENJOY! <3


The Whimsy Nomads

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