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Sigma Kappa Fall Bid Day 9/9/2016

A little over a month ago I planned a semi-surprise trip back to my alma mater. I picked up my best friend/sorority sister/roommate, Kaitlin, in Richmond and we were on our way! Radford University will always be like home to me. I spent four years there. When I went away to college it was the first time I had been away from my childhood home for more than a week. I was terrified. I spent the first few months of school homesick and looking at every option to transfer. Second semester came around and I signed up to go through spring formal recruitment. Up until college I cheered my entire life. I knew I wanted to change it up and try out something other than cheering but I was also terrified of the stereotypes of being a "sorority girl." I needed a group of girls to call family, much like my cheering squad had been to me my whole life so I told myself, I can always stop the process if it isn't for me! 

The recruitment process is terribly nerve wracking and I will admit I cried. But nothing will top the feeling I had when I walked into Sigma Kappa's room the very first night. I knew nothing about this organization. I didn't know one single girl in the entire room, yet I felt like I was in a room with my best friends. I laughed, I met so many new faces, and not a single moment felt forced. A week later I found myself opening a bid card from Sigma Kappa and I was overwhelmed with emotion that I had found my home away from home in Radford.

I won't say that from that day forward I was never homesick or that I didn't have bad days. But I can honestly say, I got through all the ups and downs of being five hours from my home, my boyfriend, and anything familiar because of my sorority. My sorority got me through my best friend Kaitlin's car accident in which I would spend the last two months of school living alone in our little apartment while she recouped from the accident that almost took her life. My sorority got me through the loss of my grandfather and helped me find strength to finish out my senior year when all I wanted to do was be home coping with my family. I found my very best friend and literal other half. I got my pledge class, my big, my little, and the rest of my perfect bunny fam. I have met girls that have inspired me, girls that are fighting the hardest battles of their life, and doing it with a smile on their face. I got to pull all nighters with these girls, cry with these girls, and celebrate all of my accomplishments all with this group of girls by my side. 

Junior year rolled around and I was honored to hold the position of Vice President of New Member Education. I got to be the person that welcomed all of the girls on bid day and walk them through their new member process, I was basically mom and I loved every second of it. I looked up to my VPNME or "pledge mom" and wanted to give to all of my new girls all that she gave to me. Knowledge, confidence, loyalty, friendship, and show them what it's like to leave a legacy behind. I got to meet most of my new girls as freshman, some as sophomores and watch them grow into women that have made me so proud. 

The bid day I returned for was so very special to me because now that I am two years post grad, all the girls that so lovingly called me their "pledge mom" are now seniors! I was so beyond lucky to travel back and capture their last bid day! It was such a surreal feeling being on the other side of all the hype, watching them all excitedly get ready to meet perfect strangers that would soon be their best friends, their littles, their confidants, the girls that look up to them in admiration the way I looked up to all the older sisters when I got my bid. 

Being back in my college town post graduation is a feeling that can't be described. I know there are a lot of preconceived thoughts on Greek life and sororities, but I also know that my sorority has made me the person I am today. They gave me leadership, confidence, and the best group of women to lean on, I wouldn't trade my Greek life experience for the world! HAPPY SENIOR YEAR to all of my babies and congratulations to all of you perfect new girls! Time flies, enjoy every second️! <3

Love in Sigma Kappa,


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