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Lanchi & Bobby Engagement Session

This sweet couple reached out to us about an engagement session back in August! We met up with them in September and picked their brains about what elements would make this session their dream engagement session. We were blown away at the elements they wanted to incorporate and had high hopes that we would be able to create the perfect evening for them! Lanchi wanted to incorporate a fall/park feel but not just your average walk in the park. Bobby and his father have spent a lot of time working with, around, and on, charter boats so they definitely wanted to take the boat out for a romantic evening. Cue the wine, candles, flowers and all things pretty! 

Our connections with our clients make each of our sessions special. We all attended Western Branch. Blair and Lanchi not only lived in the same neighborhood but also rode the bus together as well! We love highlighting connections made within our community. We had so much fun utilizing every aspect of Portsmouth City Park. We started out in the friendship garden where a beautiful row of trees tucked in the back made for the perfect backdrop for their first outfit. We were in love with the landscape! So many trees gave us the perfect fall feel Lanchi wanted to achieve. They got cozy in their second outfit and sipped hot chocolate (okay, okay it was really just chocolate milk but it still had marshmallows and it was delicious hehe) between all the lush greenery this park had available to us. Of course we made our way to the water for their third outfit as we boarded the boat where we got to go crazy with florals and greenery!

You all know by now that we are crazy obsessed with all things floral! This session made our hearts so full from all the styling and freedom this couple gave us! They were such troopers as we attempted fun poses and were so patient as we meticulously embellished their boat. Bobby even dropped some fishing lines while we decorated (that’s a man that knows how to use his time wisely)!  Can’t say enough about how sweet and genuine this couple was. Their love truly radiated in every shot. Ya know that moment when you take a picture and freak out because it looks perfect even on your camera? We felt that exact emotion over and over again that evening. Lanchi could not stop smiling and giggling. Every attempt at a serious face was failed and we are so happy it did! It made for the most genuine of moments between the two of them. 


Takeaway lesson from this shoot: these two were so incredibly comfortable and we believe it was because we took the time to really connect and consult with them before the shoot. We were comfortable and confident, so they were too! It made the posing and our failed moments funny and sweet and raw and genuine. We were so lucky to have these two sweethearts to ourselves for the night and we cannot wait to see where this chapter takes them! Cheers to many more boat rides and many, many more laughs and smiles exchanged!

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