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Casie & Daniel Engagement Session

When sitting down to write this blog it felt like we couldn't ever properly nail down the right words. For those that don't know, we share Godparents, Dee and Earl. With that being said we also share a Godbrother, Mason, and a Godsister, Casie. Casie is two days from her wedding day and we can't exactly pin point where our emotions are. Our hearts are so full as we reminisce on our childhood and all the events that have occurred leading up to this brand new chapter in her life.

Casie and Daniel got engaged last Valentine's Day. Daniel is a United States Marine and while we all knew that wedding planning was going to revolve around his schedule, we did not know that we would be putting together Casie's dream wedding in 5 weeks BUT when your sister wants to get married before her husband to be gets deployed, well, you make it happen. 

We quickly realized we absolutely needed an engagement session to start off this whole shebang! Sooooo in just three days we, along with our amazingly patient mothers, made this beautiful styled shoot come together! We immediately knew that this was going to be a vintage inspired session as Casie is a history buff and Daniel's uniform made for the perfect feel. As always, sentimental elements were prominent for this shoot. The letter that Casie read during this shoot was actually written by Daniel while he was deployed last year. The emotion she felt while she reread it was so raw and beautiful. As we prep for her wedding in two short days, we are over the moon excited and honored to be given the responsibility of planning, coordinating, styling, making florals AND shooting her special day! 

Casie, we cannot wait to see your vision come together. You are going to be the most gorgeous bride. Thank you for trusting us with these precious moments of your life. We love you beyond words. 

Daniel, thank you for treating our sister with all the respect and love we could have ever asked for her future husband to give her. We see it in the way you speak to her, the way you laugh with her, the way you have ever so patiently taken on our whole crew, just how much you love her. 

P.S. It's going to take some time to call you Casie Smith! 

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