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Bratton Family Session

Kayla & Taylor go way back. Tea parties with their grandmothers, way back! Kayla was one of the very first people to contact us through our website when it launched and we were absolutely thrilled that she wanted family pictures! As we made our way to Kayla and Dyaln’s beautiful home in Suffolk, we knew we would have the perfect backdrop for an evening of family pictures! 

Before we started snapping, we got to take a tour of their lovely home and land! As we made our way around we were so excited to get started! Not only is their home absolutely beautiful, their land and their neighbors land is so neat! I mean, who doesn’t want horses for neighbors?! During the Christmas part of the session, we pulled out adorable Christmas touches to adorn the scene! Kayla actually made the wooden tree pictured! (Girls that use power tools for crafts, rule!) 

We knew from the beginning that Sandler was going to be such a ham and we could not keep our cameras off of him! Him and Piper both were so sweet and patient throughout the entire session. Even with that being said, we wanted to give mom and dad some alone time and snap at least a few solo shots of this sweet couple. There was an area at the back of their house that looked like it had recently been cleared so we asked if we could disappear back there for a little while, just us four. As they walked and laughed, they talked about how they had big plans for the land that had just been cleared. Nothing set in stone but just watching them talk about their future was so so sweet. 

To wrap up our shoot we got to experience their chickens! Yes, real, live chickens! It was so cool watching how comfortable Sandler was handling them and not even being scared (Kuddos Sandler, we were a little terrified haha)

We love our clients and we always learn something from each session. This lesson was a bit different and really didn’t have anything to do with photography but more about life in general. Kayla and Dylan have embraced each other and their beautiful children so dearly. They have made a beautiful home and have such beautiful plans for the future that it truly touched our hearts to be apart of it, if only for the day. Sandler is such a sweet young man and Piper, I don’t think we even heard her whimper, much less cry at all the entire session! They have raised such charming children and their relationship in general was so sweet to admire. Life is too short to be anything but happy and these two seemed to truly nail that concept! 

Kayla and Dylan, thank you for a lovely evening filled with horses and chickens and no cell phone service! It was such a breath of fresh air and we are so thankful to have captured your beautiful family!

The Whimsy Nomads


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