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Mr. & Mrs. Tucker Surprise Session

Everything about this session was SO much fun! Abbie went to Western Branch and cheered with both of us. She reached out about a session for her parents, but there was more to it than that! She wanted to see if we could pull off a surprise session as a Christmas//anniversary gift (best daughter award goes to Abbie! how sweet right?!) Of course we were up for the challenge, we love a good surprise!

Abbie told her parents they would be going to Norfolk Botanical Gardens for a private tour.  We arrived early to stash and place signs that would lead them to us as we hid ourselves and text Abbie to keep tabs on their arrival! The anticipation was killing us! We couldn’t wait to see their reactions! 

While one of our props had a lovely spelling error (of course, the one that ultimately lead to the surprise *face palm*) it didn’t stop the excitement! Mr. & Mrs. Tucker were absolutely smitten with their surprise and so were we! The plan was executed perfectly (aside from that one spelling error - oops)!

In an effort to not give the surprise away, Abbie couldn't tell them exactly how to dress, so she loaded her purse with a few essential outfit changes. Once the surprise was achieved, she helped her parents do a quick wardrobe change and we were off!

Norfolk Botanical Gardens made for the perfect backdrop as we giggled our way around the grounds! We have a love for candid pictures and these two made capturing genuine moments ever so easy! Part of the reason Abbie wanted these pictures, as we mentioned before, was because their Anniversary is coming up! They got married on December 21, 1984 and watching their love 32 years later, you would think they were on their first date! Their interaction was nothing short of giddy. Seriously, they were so sweet, and loving, and genuine the entire session!

Every session is special to us. Every client’s story adds to our story, and that is a feeling that can’t be described. Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Tucker, and thank you so much, Abbie, for allowing us to be apart of your family for the day! 

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