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Gavin Senior Pictures

Hi there! Taylor here!

It still doesn't feel real that my baby brother is a senior in high school! (All the tearssss!) Gavin is truly one of the kindest humans. He has the most genuine soul and the absolute sweetest heart. I know I know, I'm totally being the bragging older sister! But I could not be more proud of the young man he has become. Watching him grow up has been hands down one of the coolest parts of my life. We grew up with our rooms right next door to each other and we have always been so close. Having a sibling was fun growing up but it wasn't until I left for college that I realized how much having a sibling meant to me. If you've ever had a bad day (who doesn't have those, especially in college), you want Gavin to be the one cheering you up, I promise. 

When it came time to planning his perfect senior session Blair and I wanted it to be unique and special! We both believe that the key to genuine photos is passion! Gavin kills it at video games so we wanted to let him shine on his day! We lined up his favorite candy, created an outdoor theatre and watched him go! 

Now we won't pretend it was as easy as that! My parents, per usual, saved the day during set up. While assembling our screen...the wooden structure broke! Duct tape saved the day with a very close call! The wind didn't want to cooperate, I know, so rude right? But my mom got creative and we finally got the screen to lay right! Huge shoutout to my parents! Not only are they always there for set up and break down, they're genuinely invested in bringing the whole show together when we need help! This time we got to snap a few shots of them sweetly admiring our work! We love you guys so much! Thanks for helping another vision come true and helping us bring bub's senior pictures to life! 

Aside from those few minor kinks, and fact that it was unusually freezing for early November here in coastal VA, this night was absolutely perfect! The best part was, we didn't have to worry about loosing light! Photographers dream right? We actually found ourselves waiting around (eating allllll the snacks and laughing) for the sun to set so we could really capture the magic! We found ourselves wishing we had some gloves, but oh myyyyyy was the wait worth the shots we were able to get! 


Here's to your senior year bub! I love you to the dark hole....yep, I win;) 




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