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Brittany & Mike Pregnancy Announcement

When a high school friend came to us with her request for Taylor and I to snap pictures of her and her little family so she could announce to the world they were expecting, WE WERE THRILLED! Being new to this business, we were blown away by the fact that she trusted in us so early on to capture these sweetest moments of her family. (For the record, I don’t think we’ll EVER stop being blown away when people ask us for shoots. It’s just this incredible, unexplainable feeling that we get of pure awe.) She also trusted in us to style it and come up with the concept. We found out Chloe loves having tea parties and we ran with that idea!

Trying to sync up four people’s schedules is not always the easiest task.  We had been trying to nail down a date for a hot minute and when the forecast was out that it was going to start storming right around the time we had scheduled the shoot, we decided what the heck, we’re just gonna go for it! Ergo – fun fact – we did majority of this shoot in the middle of a field with power lines above us and lightning that was off the charts! (Don’t try this at home, kids!)

Although the weather wasn’t cooperative, we ended up getting the PERFECT snapshots and memories that will last a lifetime, not only for Brittany, Mike & Chloe, but also for me & Tay.  Taylor and I learn something new with every shoot we do and we hold on to those lessons learned.  Every single shoot we do is personal to us, a memory that will never fade. So to you guys who keep trusting in us, we THANK YOU for giving us the experience we need to keep thriving at this new adventure we’re on. Congratulations to Brittany and Mike and we can’t wait to meet that new little stinker of y’alls! Chloe is going to be the best big sister ever! <3

-xoxo Blair

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