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Jett & Juliet | Newborn Session

When Blair started her new job in February, Tara was a friendly face that stuck. Tara left shortly after Blair started as she was anticipating the arrival of her beautiful twins that we so luckily got to capture. Jett and Juliet were born on July 30, 2016 and two short weeks later we were welcomed into their home to play dress up and meet them! (Blair was actually the very first non-family member to hold them — tears!) In the 5 hours we were there, we learned so much about these brand new perfect souls. We learned that Jett loves to snuggle and Juliet does not. We learned that they already balance each other so well and that when one was picture ready, the other was ready to eat! We found that Tara and Jesse made having twins look SO easy as they maneuvered where the diapers and wipes were, or could instantly tell what each baby was wanting at the time. 

  We were in awe of what personalities these sweet babies had already developed in the two short weeks they had been in this world. We have been so fortunate to experience so much in such a short time and we always love when our shoots are packed with sentimental elements. There is a bright colored blanket that Tara’s grandmother has passed down through the generations, a sweet sailor outfit to represent the Navy because Jesse so honorably serves our country, and this shoot wouldn’t have been complete without Tara and Jesse’s first baby, Sookie, their sweet rescue pup that was dyingggg to get in the house to protect and love on those sweet babies. 

 We’d be lying if we said we didn’t spend most nights of the month leading up to this shoot Pinteresting ideas, tips, and tricks for styling newborn shoots. We’d also be lying if we said we weren’t SUPER nervous walking into this shoot. We consider ourselves to be very keen on attention to detail, but let me tell you, it is not as easy as the pros make it look! Obsessively washing each and every item in newborn detergent to protect their sweet skin and ten thousand swaddle videos later and we STILL struggled with swaddling those sweet twins! LUCKILY, we had these two incredibly cute babies to photograph that looked BEAUTIFUL no matter if we couldn’t prop them perfectly with their hands placed just so (seriously, how do newborn photographers do it?!)  A HUGE special shoutout to our sweet friend Maddie Deviney for making those dope personalized looms for the shoot that Tara & Jesse get to keep forever! We love you homegirl!! 

 At this point in our photography journey, we have learned that each and every shoot is such a special moment to be a part of and we hope that feeling never goes away. We have been blessed with the BEST, most understanding client base thus far and this shoot 100% falls into this category. We are so thankful to have had Tara and Jesse welcome us in and trust us with their most prized possessions. 

-Xoxo- Taylor & Blair

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