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My First Session! | Lawson Oliver Cake Smash

I’ve been dabbling into the world of photography recently.  It’s something I’ve always been interested in but I’ve always been the type of person to “play it safe” when it comes to life decisions. I didn’t grow up poor by any means but I definitely grew up just getting by with the necessities. Determined to be able to have the things I wanted in life, I went on and got a Business Degree in Marketing and I’ve built myself this incredible career that a lot of people dream of having one day. While I’m incredibly blessed and thankful for my career and the people I’ve met along the way, sometimes it just doesn’t stimulate my creative juices. It’s extremely difficult to be creative at something you just aren’t passionate about.

After expressing my interest in photography to a few family members, my husband’s uncle let me borrow his camera to practice on and just like that I was completely hooked. Practicing on random items like my wedding ring and sunsets by the house, my in-laws saw some of my shots and realized I might actually have a shot at this thing (no pun intended). They surprised me with a brand spanking new top of the line Canon camera, saying if anyone can do it, they knew it would be me, and for that I will forever be grateful for (shoutout in-laws, love y’all always). 

Which leads me to my first real session practicing with actual human beings (let me just say how refreshing that is). I had the pleasure of shooting my best friend’s son’s cake smash pictures for his upcoming first birthday. WOW, as cliché as it sounds, time SERIOUSLY flies!  I cannot believe this handsome little man is going on his first year of life ALREADY! I remember the first time I met his mother like it was yesterday. She was the last to join the BWKA (Blair, Whitney, Karrah, Autumn – creative, huh?) posse that is, and that is saying something, because our posse was strong and we didn’t let many people in (yeah, we thought we were hott stuff). I can’t tell you the countless days and nights that this woman has made me GUT laugh and cry from tears of laughter. She is the sunshine on anyone’s cloudy day and I’m so happy for her and her little family of three. If anyone deserves that kind of happiness, it’s my Autumn.  I had the BEST time capturing these beautiful moments of this beautiful little family and I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them. 

I have SO much more to learn and grow in this field.  I can’t wait to look back on this blog post years from now and see how far I’ve come and laugh at how bad I was starting off. To my ever so patient husband (God bless him), family, friends (especially Taylor Childress for always pushing me and making me feel like I can hold the world on my shoulders and not feel the weight at all  ;) ), my biggest inspirations that prove you CAN succeed at the things you love (shoutout Briana & Brian Macon, Mary Kaufman with Bluebird’s Garage, & Zoe Grant) and the rest of you beautiful strangers I hope to one day get the pleasure of meeting, thank you for following along on this new journey of mine. It means the world to me! Contact me if you want your picture takennnnn! ;)

Also – special shoutout to Christina Prock for the sick nasty logo design. YOU KILLED IT! 


-xoxo Blair

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