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Pat & Scott 40th Anniversary Vow Renewal

As Blair and I set up for our first ever styled shoot, we had many onlookers curiously wondering what exactly we were up to. Mid set change a woman approached me as Blair was adjusting her camera. She proceeded to inquire about who we are, where we came from, and what brought us (and all of our stuff) to the beach that evening. This lovely stranger, Maria, got to the point quickly. As she pointed out a couple down the beach, she told us about how her and her friends all drove from New York on motorcycles to celebrate 40 years of marriage for said couple adorably letting the water hit their toes. Not only were they celebrating, they were having a vow renewal that next night and not only were they having a vow renewal, they wanted Blair and I to capture it! We were thrilled, taken aback, and humbled that this perfect stranger saw creativity and passion from afar and wanted to take a chance on us!

The next day we anxiously awaited sunset and prepared the set up to ensure a perfect evening. When we arrived at the cottage, I don’t think Blair or I realized we were walking into a group of people that we would laugh, cry, and ultimately befriend in a few short hours. We met and talked with each friend and family member as well as exchanged personal stories. While preparing some detail shots of meaningful decorations and items for Scott and Pat, I asked each of them for their wedding rings. Scott’s reaction was endearing, as if he did not want to take it off, not even for a second. Pat joined Blair and I on the porch and as she took off her wedding ring and band, she handed us a second, beautifully simple band. As she handed it to us she began to get emotional. She expressed to us that that band was a symbol of the beginning. She had received it 40 years ago for twenty dollars but it meant more to her than anything. As Blair and I looked at each other teary eyed and in awe of how lucky we were that fate brought us (the biggest romantics in the game) into this sweet, romantic, loving family’s life, Pat further expressed that she continues to wear it because the key to a long lasting marriage is that you musn’t ever forget where you came from. (*insert all the heart eyes and all the ugly cry face emoji’s*)

We spent the rest of the night admiring gorgeous motorcycles, listening to beautiful vows, witnessing heartfelt toasts to generations of love and friendship, and truly experiencing our first ever perfect stranger turned client turned friends. As up and coming professionals in this field, I know that I can speak for Blair and I both in that I don’t think the excitement of such a milestone will ever fade. Thank you Maria for approaching us, thank you Pat and Scott for trusting us with such a special memory, and thank you to all of the family and friends involved in welcoming us with open arms (I mean c’mon they even helped us lug our stuff off the beach to come eat with them!) HERE’S TO FOURTY YEARS! Enjoy:) 


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