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Preis Family Pictures - OBX 2016

This shoot was one for the books from the very beginning. Blair and I both received calls and voicemails from a New York number one Monday. Moments later I noticed that my sweet little cousin Taylor had messaged me to say she had given our information to a woman inquiring about having family photos taken while on vacation in Nags Head, NC (Shout out Moosh for constantly believing in us). Later that same evening Blair and I met up to discuss another shoot and were able to return Tracey’s call, eager to see if we could make this work! As we were sitting in the car together with Tracey on speaker we had a quick little conference and decided Blair and I would be making a trip down to Nags Head two days later! We got off the phone and squealed with excitement not only at the thrill of adventure we had just agreed upon but also eager to meet this sweet, down to earth woman that had been sent our way! 
While we are fortunate enough to be a mere hour and a half drive to the beautiful Outer Banks, Blair and I knew it would take some planning to get off at 4, and be down at the beach in time for sunset. Rain was in the forecast but we decided this sweet woman deserved pictures rain or shine! Wednesday approached, Blair and I text eagerly all day, and we watched the time tick down in hopes everything would go as flawless as we had planned! Much to our surprise, Blair met at my house, I jumped in the car straight from work and we started our drive down to Nags Head without a cloud in sight! 
We made it to the beach, met this lovely family and got right to snapping pictures! We watched as they mingled and laughed, joked and handled all 5 kiddos running around. We loved watching this big family interact as we come from rather large families ourselves. We loved the high paced energy, the gnarly waves as the background noise and how every member of the family was willing to shift and maneuver to get the perfect shots (not an easy task with 7 adults and 5 kids, but they were AWESOME)! 
Every shoot we do adds a new page to our story. Every shoot is so unique and such a learning experience. This shoot in particular was my very first opportunity at second shooting instead of solely styling and I loved every second of it. Also, this shoot gave us such fulfillment because Tracey’s biggest goal when she reached out to us was to simply capture her family, nothing more, nothing less. As we left Tracey that evening (drenched from the most fun below the pier shenanigans) she thanked us for allowing her to be on the other side of the camera, to be the one in the pictures smiling and laughing, instead of the one snapping away. It meant the world to us to know that our presence meant so much. Their family has made this trip from New York every year for the past ten years and it was such an experience being able to capture such a loving and charismatic bunch! 
Once again, Tracey we want to thank you for allowing us into you and your family’s lives and letting us capture a glimpse of the love and fun you guys have together! We hope you had as much fun as we did! See you next August! ;) 
-Taylor and Blair

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