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Teaghan Lynnlee | Young & Wild & Three!

Somehow, and I’m still baffled by how, my goddaughter is turning THREE years old! Like, WHAT?!  Watching my best friend raise her two little girls has been so heartwarming and surreal. For those of you who don’t know, Karrah and I have been best friends since birth (literally — I was at the hospital when she was born). We’ve been through hell and back together. So when I say it is surreal watching her raise children, I mean that quite literally. Teaghan is the most beautiful little soul on this planet. Three years has flown by and I know that this miracle child came right when her Mommy and Daddy needed her most.  Her spunky spirit and her sweetest heart have me in awe everytime I’m around her. I never stop smiling when I’m in the presence of this child. We had an absolute BLAST taking these pictures. Teaghan was SO amazing in front of the camera, especially considering we had only planned on snapping a few pictures for invitations and ended up snapping over 300! Skittles bribery goes a LONGGG way (oh and also dinosaur toys make for the cutest props AND keep the kids entertained —SCORE!) ! ;) 

-xoxo Blair

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