The Whimsy Nomads


Dingus Family Session

This sweet, sweet family of 5 kept us on our toes as we wandered the streets of Norfolk's Freemason area. While the streets were beautifully foreign to us, this family knows Norfolk like the back of their hand! Lori and Bryan started their love story at ODU and all three Dingus children found their home at ODU as well. We love traditions. We love that they have such roots in Norfolk, and we really love this quaint little area they lead us to! This crew (even the fellas) hung in there as we tried to capture each alley, quirk and wall! 

Taylor and Valerie met freshman year of high school. They came from rival middle schools and went from enemies to besties within a matter of minutes when meeting at cheering tryouts. The rest was history! These two have stuck by each other's side through all that life has thrown them in the past 9 years. 

We're so lucky to have so much support from family and friends and this crew was no exception! Thank you Dingus Fam for trusting us with your ever so rare (but hopefully not anymore;) ) family photos! We had such a blast laughing and bearing the cold with you guys! 


-The Whimsy Nomads-

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