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Mr. & Mrs. Deviney | Bridal Shoot

Where to even begin with this sweet couple?! Taylor and Madeline (Maddie) met in June when Maddie joined Taylor's work family. Their friendship started instantly! As they began getting to know each other, the similarities became abundant...almost weird how much they had in common! Long term relationships, an obsession with their 4 year old chocolate labs (her Darleen has the same birthday as Taylor! Uh hello...weird!), an empathetic heart, and a love for all things genuine and sentimental! 

Their friendship began at what seems like the perfect time. One of those friendships that was unexpected and so necessary all at once. We (Blair and Taylor) were at the very beginning of our photography adventure! In fact, so beginning, no one really knew about it when Maddie started to share such a sweet detail of her life...

Her husband, Justo (Justin), and her had been married coming up on five years and never had their dream wedding! Justin serves in the United States Navy, and has for majority of their relationship (dating through marriage). Five years ago, they made the romantic decision to not let the military prevent them from getting married when they wanted to! Maddie flew to Florida, where Justin was at the time, and they got married in a sweet little court house and planned on doing the big shebang later on down the road. A deployment, multiple states, and five years later, the big shindig didn't seem as important anymore BUT Maddie still had a beautiful wedding dress all packed away that Justin had never seen. She expressed to Taylor, "all I really want are pretty pictures of me in my dress!" It's like the stars aligned and put Maddie and Taylor in each other's lives right on time! 

We began planning her perfect bridal shoot instantly! Maddie is extremely crafty and her ultimate joy in life is thrifting! Every detail we captured was placed with intention and sentiment in mind! She hand crafted her brooch bouquet and used her mother's lace holder as her own! (Mother/daughter feeeeelz... tears!!) Maddie loved our "take it right from the home" feel and brought along her collection of beautifully bound love novels that she has collected over the years, as well as a collection of suitcases, and her rug that she took right from under her Christmas tree! We loved the enthusiasm and passion she had for making her pictures perfection! We originally planned to snap their first look pictures at Taylor's uncles' house and move spots to capture the styled elements but upon arrival & with the loss of light, we stayed right where we were (and invaded Tay's uncles' Sunday! *Shoutout Uncle Steve & Uncle both rock!!*)

Aside from their flexibility and go with the flow attitudes, Justin and Maddie have irresistible chemistry (just wait until you get to the end). It was hard to not pick all pictures of Maddie gut laughing! She always says that they're such opposites but when we photographed them, we could tell they make such a great team! They balanced each other and kept each other in mind the entire day as we changed plans and locations! We thoroughly enjoy connecting with our clients and getting to be a part of their story all while they become a part of ours! Forever thankful for our down to earth couples, for all the gut laughs, and especially for hearing and capturing their story in such an intimate way! Enjoy! 


The Whimsy Nomads

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