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This summer we got the biggest news of our lives. One day I was driving home from a work trip to Richmond, some guy cut me off on the interstate and scared the shit out of me, and I instantly fell to tears. I mean I was sobbing - uncontrollably. But then all of a sudden I was laughing - uncontrollably. This went on for nearly an hour. The phrase "roller coaster of emotions" was an understatement. This was no roller coaster. This was a freaking TORNADO of emotions. 

That afternoon we were leaving for a Fourth of July trip that we had planned with our friends and family up to Put-in-Bay, Ohio. So I decided to stop and participate in a little retail therapy at none other than everyone's favorite, Target. While I was there, I kept thinking to myself that I should grab a pregnancy test, just for shits and giggles - after all, the said tornado of emotions had to be explained somehow, right? I wasn't just effing bat shit crazy, right?!  So I went for it...

Well, low and behold, I got home, took the test nonchalantly and well.... i think my jaw broke from how fast it dropped to the ground. I immediately texted Taylor a picture of the test with an "AM I PREGNANT?!" scream through the phone. She called me instantly freaking out and saying it out loud to her I could not talk through the sobs. 

I had about 1 hour until Brad got home from work! So I quickly turned to Pinterest to gather a quick idea on how to tell your husband you're pregnant. Rushed up to the store to purchase a few more different brands of pregnancy tests, stopped by Dunkin Donuts for a dozen, then got home and took allllllll the tests. Every. Single. One. Positive. I even googled "how often are pregnancy tests innacurate?" haha #denialmuch?

I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted of all of the details because as I had my camera out, snapping away by the window light, I heard the garage door open. I RAN to hide my camera, put everything where it should be and as soon as he walked into the kitchen, saw the box of donuts, looked at me with my phone videotaping him, he instantly knew. The video was priceless and I'll cherish it forever and ever and ever. 

Sometimes I still don't think we've processed the fact that we're going to be parents. For the past ten years, we've dreamed of this day. Dreamed of raising little ones together. But now that it's finally here, we can't stop pinching ourselves. We are overcome with emotions - scared shitless, incredibly overjoyed, scared, anxious, scared, grateful, overwhelmed.  Did I mention scared shitless? We can't believe God is trusting us to be responsible for the life of another creature.  I'm going to be a MOM. like whatttttttttt? But in all seriousness, it's the best feeling in the world (well not physically - I can honestly say I am not one of those women who enjoys BEING pregnant. it has been a rough road thus far. I just want the result at the end LOL). I can't wait to watch my husband become a father and fall more and more in love with him than I already am. Today we get to find out the gender of our little stinker and the butterflies going through our stomachs right now are insanely intense. We can't wait to find out and call our baby by it's real name finally and start buying alllllllll the things! Don't worry guys, gender reveal shoot to come this weekend! ;) 

PS - Special shoutout to the other half of this business, my Tay bug, for capturing these sweet moments of my hubby and I to announce to the world our little summertime secret! We love you so much, Tay!!! So thankful to have you capture every milestone in our lives! <3

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