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Blair Personal Blog | Gender Reveal

I'll just cut right to the chase - IT'S A GIRL!! A sweet, little, innocent, already so spoiled little girl. My soon to be best gal pal. We can't even fathom it. Contrary to the new norm, Brad and I didn't want a gender reveal party. We're not knocking those who have or are going to do it - we just wanted this moment to be intimate between us two only. We wanted to process our emotions and remember this moment together forever without the influence of other people around. And we're so glad that we did! Because if I'm being completely honest with you guys (I always am and always will be), we hands down wanted a little boy. We wanted two little boys in life. We never imagined ourselves as "girl parents" - I mean seriously, we don't know how to raise a little girl. How are we going to protect a little girl? What are we going to do when her heart gets broken for the first time? When she gets in her first car accident? When she gets married and we have to give her away? (insert all the ugly cry face emojis) Seriously, I think of all of these big moments in a little girl's life and I'm (WE) are scared AF. But we trust in God's plan and now that we've processed it, we're blown away and honored that He chose us to be those people for those moments in a little girl's life.  

Laney Isla Borer - although we 100% thought you would be a little Luke, Mommy and Daddy love you so much already! Words will never be able to explain our overwhelming love and thankfulness for you. With every little kick in my tummy that you give me, I just want to keep you in my belly forever to keep you safe and unharmed! I can't wait to spend Sundays shopping with you while Daddy watches football. Speaking of Daddy, I can't wait to watch you become such a Daddy's girl. I can't wait to cherish every darn moment with you and I just can't wait to meet you. <3

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