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Mr. + Mrs. Mathena 9.30.17 | Wedding Blog

We love all love stories but high school sweethearts hold a special place in our heart. We both know that love. We both respect and cherish it so much. There is something to be said for two souls that find one another so young. These two have loved each other through high school, two beautiful children, and all that life has brought in between.

Brittany isn't one for being center of attention and wanted nothing more than a small, meaningful wedding day with her longtime love and the family they have so beautifully created together. They got married at Tylar's family home and it was absolute perfection. 

Our hearts melted at how Brittany lit up during the moments of just them one on one. They laughed and parented and enjoyed their family exactly the way they had dreamed. That's what weddings are about, right? Marrying your best friend and watching your dreams unfold right in front of you! Big or small, we love being a part of genuine, raw, real love.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mathena, we wish you a lifetime of happiness.


The Whimsy Nomads

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