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Mr. + Mrs. Davis 10.20.17 | Wedding Blog

These two have pulled on our heartstrings since day one for so many reasons. They trusted us before we were even an "us" essentially. Before there was a logo and a business launch, they allowed us to be a part of their story. Heather and Chris' story started back in their senior year of high school. They went on one of their very first dates to First Landing State Park (where we captured their engagement pictures) and they spent a lot of their time making memories on the beaches of the Outer Banks where they so beautifully held their wedding. Heather brought her dream wedding to life and we are still in shock that we got to be the ones to capture it. 

The Sunday before they got married, we got to swing by the beach house they were staying at to drop off goodies and take a tour. Heather answers the door in a brace! We of course ask what happened and make sure she is okay (minor accident with their gentle giant Blue). As we make our way through the house we see Chris, in true Chris fashion, assembling the bulbs that would eventually be hung to make the most perfect backdrop to their reception. One of the many small acts of love we got to witness between these two. Our hearts constantly burst at these two - UGH the sweetest love. We have said it before but high school sweet hearts will always hold a special place in our hearts. Making it through the craziness that is early adulthood is no easy feat, and these two make it look effortless. The perfect team. 

Here's to the both of you. To your beautiful day and the lovely love that you both share. To celebrating all that life has to offer, together. To the awesome family and friends that you have supporting you. And to reliving the funnest reception ever (over and over again)!

So much love for you guys!


The Whimsy Nomads

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