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Christmas in February

Woah, how is it already February? Could've sworn it was Christmas like last week! Regardless of how quickly time has passed, I have finally completed all of my editing from what was hands down one of my favorite Christmas'! My family is my whole world. I was the kid that while all the kids played, I wanted to be hanging out with the parents because my parents are my best friends. I grew up in the same house my entire life that my mom and dad have, with their own hands, made the house that truly built me (seriously that song always pulls on my heart strings). One set of grandparents has always lived on the street behind me, and my other grandma, along with my aunt, uncle, and two little cousins lived right next door. Me and my brother got to see any given grandparent, aunt, uncle, or cousin at any given moment and the older I get the more I realize how rare and fortunate I was to grow up with such a dynamic.

I have also been fortunate to have fallen in love with a man who's family has completely turned into my own. This year was our very first Christmas living on our own and we had to figure out how to make it our own without loosing traditions that mean so much to both of us. We decorated our first tree, and I couldn't help but get sentimental as we hung an ornament that was a gift from our very first Christmas dating circa 2009. We spent Christmas eve dancing around his parent's kitchen listening to vinyls, opening christmas eve pj's from my parents, and ended with a long time tradition of chicken-n-dumplings on my dad's side of the family (it melts my heart hearing about his memories doing the same exact thing with his grandma)!

Y'all ready to hear about mine and Jared's first (hectic/crazy/fun/traveling) Christmas living together?!

Christmas morning I was truly a kid on Christmas!! I woke Jared up at 5:30 (still not sorry babe;) ) to open presents and get cinnamon roll casserole in the crockpot! We demolished our tiny little living room with wrapping paper, stuffed our faces, took a quick nap, and then we were off (still in our christmas pj's of course)! Our first stop was Nags Head where we opened presents with my parents and brother at my Grandpa Paul's house. This was the very first christmas I didn't wake up with them so it was heartwarming being with them bright and early like normal. We then made our way to my Aunt & Uncle's in Kitty Hawk to get our dose of my Grandma Barb. Fun fact: Christmas is also Grandma Barb's birthday, so I always get her both a birthday gift andddd a Christmas gift, ain't nobody getting gypped on my watch ;)! While this would wrap up our OBX Christmas, I swear that salt air added even more cheer to the holiday.

Next stop, the Glenn family (who ever so graciously watched the pups while we went to and from the Outer Banks)! By this time we were pretty sleepy so we lounged around, opened gifts, and took our time enjoying each other's company. Did I mention we were still in pjs?? It's like 4:00 at this point! Gotta love our family for not judgin'! **ONE.MORE.STOP.** We wrapped up the night at my Grandma Janice's house. It was our first Christmas celebrating at her house since my Paw Paw passed away two years ago. It was hard watching his seat stay empty all night, but he LOVED the holidays so it made it easier to keep celebrating because we all knew he was watching over us with the biggest grin. Me and my cousins sat around catching up, congratulating each other on all that we've got going on in our lives, and watched all the babies run around, just like we all used to do in the exact same house.

Adult Christmas' are so different. This one in particular was the most uncharacteristic Christmas I've ever had. I will admit, I am hard pressed to welcome change and I was nervous this year wouldn't feel like Christmas. I will also admit that I love being proved wrong when I'm skeptical and this was definitely one of those instances. Everything about this Christmas leaves me still, two months later, smiling from ear to ear as I scroll through these pictures. These pictures don't match the same exact editing scheme, and maybe they don't flow, hell, maybe they aren't perfect quality but they are representative of me, of my family, of my first adult Christmas, and I will always cherish them, the memories they depict, and especially the people in them. 


Xoxo, Tay

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