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Baby Brooks Gender Reveal

Hi there! It's been quite a while since our last blog so thanks for checking back in, we dig that about you! ;) We're so happy to be back at it! We have realized that "off season" is just not for us! We know that breaks are necessary but we are movers and shakers and we are so happy that we just gained back that extra hour of daylight so we can keep on keepin' on! We are super ready to gear up for a busy spring/summer season! This blog is the perfect kick-starter to our 2017 season becauseeee, The Whimsy Family is growing by two litttttle feet and we couldn't be more excited! Corine (Taylor's cousin) and Jordan are expecting their first bundle of joy this August so of course we had to gear up for this sweet babe's first (of many) photo sessions for this ever so special gender reveal!

Each and every session is near to our hearts and we love the connections we have and/or create within the few short hours we get to hang out with our clients. This one in particular was special for a few reasons. This was our first ever gender reveal, it was also our first time working with smoke bombs (more details to come..), but most importantly, Corine is Taylor's baby cousin and Blair has known her since birth! Realizing that this was the first of many shoots to come in this sweet baby's life had us on the verge of tears the entire shoot. Corine and Jordan have undeniable chemistry and watching how great of a team they are made us over the moon happy for their lucky little babe to enter this world with so much love, support, and excitement! 

If this is your first time joining us, we love sharing funny tid-bits about what we've learned from each shoot and well, this whole smoke bomb thing is definitely top 5 Whimsy Nomads moments! We knew ourselves well enough to know that this whole shebang was going to need a trial run and since we knew the gender prior to shooting, we snagged the pink smoke bombs and went to town...and good thing we did! These little suckers are tricky! We made it out alive (burn marks and all..but alive..) and Portsmouth City Park still stands (it was a close call though...)!

Corine and Jordan, we can't express how excited we are for you two! Thank you for trusting us with this moment and allowing us to experience your sweet little family. River, we cannot wait to meet you and hold you and love you every step of your life! 


The Whimsy Nomads

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