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John Hunting ODU Senior Pictures

This session was everything! John came to us with a specific idea in mind but he trusted us to run with it as well! In a few short weeks he will be walking across the graduation stage with a Master's Degree in hand and he wanted pictures that captured his time spent at Old Dominion University. John has completed not only his Master's there, but his Bachelor's degree as well, so to say that Norfolk has a piece of his heart, would be an understatement. When we first asked what elements he would like to incorporate, his immediate response was, "Norfolk...and wine!"

At first glance, you'd think this was a silly, laughter-filled session where we wandered around Ghent, and you'd be 100% right! BUT there's more to it than that. No detail appeared without sentiment, and you all know we love when clients pull on our heartstrings! We started out the session on campus where John reports daily to work as a Graduate Assistant. He wanted to capture pictures on campus but he wanted it to be in a location that really meant the most to him. We then took to the Chrysler Museum where John has spent his time working part time. Finally we would head into the sunset with his super fun wine-loving setup right across the street from Stockley Gardens, which is only a mere few blocks from where John lives in Ghent.

As you scroll there's a few things you'll notice: 1) Outfit changes were a MUST (and we must say, his style is impeccable!) 2) Very rarely did we catch him without a huge, genuine, smile on his face (with a few breaks to strike (and nail) a FIERCE serious face of course) 3) In every shot he wore a ring that has been in his family for 100 years! Yes, you read that right, what an amazing element to have and cherish right? *swoon*

Congratulations John on all that you have accomplished and all that is waiting for you to make great! It was truly a pleasure gut laughing with you throughout the entire night! Here's to you #johnwiththegoodhair!


Tay & Blair

P.S. It was so nice reliving high school memories and carrying on without skipping a beat! Thank you for always staying in touch and continuing to remain a constant in my life! Love you to the moon and back, Tay (oh yeahhhh, we go all the way back to middle school folks!)

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