The Whimsy Nomads


Birthday Babes

Ohhhhh these guys. These sweet, supportive, hilarious, handsome guys that we get to call our loves! These guys put up with aaaaall of the craziness that comes with us running our own business; the late nights, the "hey take my picture"...and then "ooo could you re-take that," the last minute shoots, the rearranging of plans, you name it, they've put up with it, all with a smile on their face and a joke cracked! 

High school sweethearts in this day and age are looked at differently. Many of our peers think we settled, we weren't putting ourselves first, we couldn't have possibly found the one so young, the list goes on. But the awesome thing is, all of those assumptions are the farthest from the truth! Maybe it's one of those, "you don't know unless you've experienced it" kind of things but these guys entered our lives very young and (thankfully) are here to stay. Lots of people had serious relationships in high school, ours just happen to be lasting forever! We think that regardless when you find the one, it should be celebrated! Blair and Brad are going on their second year of marriage and Tay and Jared will celebrate eight years of dating next week! Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and we're proud to be high school sweethearts, to be married, to be dating, to be besties with our boo thangs, we're just really proud to be with them. 

Our relationships are far from perfect but that's what makes them kinda perfect, ya know? We've grown up together, we've gone through all the good and bad thrown at us, and we absolutely couldn't picture our lives without these rad guys! 


We love you guys!

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