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Whimsy Wednesday | Stevie Nicks

Happy Wednesday, friends! Thanks for stopping by the blog today for this week's #whimsywednesday post! We know it takes a few extra steps, and if you made it here, we really do appreciate you reading and scrolling along! 

When we originally went to see Stevie Nicks back in March, we were in quite the slump. Her show was life changing. Months later and we still have no chill when it comes to our obsession with her. But truthfully it goes further than her rockin' voice and amazing outfit choices. 

This day was perfection. Momma Childress packed the car with snacks and we headed to Trump Winery before heading to see our girl Stevie. We danced and twirled and sipped on wine. We gut laughed and took way too many pictures in front of complete strangers that if you ask us, were completely enjoying the entertainment! The only thing we cared about that day was having the time of our lives and we did exactly that! The concert that followed was the absolute cherry on top. 

She spoke about going after your dreams no matter what. She spoke about her journey and how as a creative you have to fight for your vision. She spoke to us. It was like she heard our cry for inspiration and answered back that we weren't allowed to give up. We heard you girl! A weight was lifted that day, the clouds cleared, and we have been feeling better than ever these days!  

Here's to all the bad days and all the role models that get you through! We love you, Stevie!


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