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I don't even know where to begin recounting this beautiful trip. A little over a week later, I'm still blown away at everything I saw and felt exploring this beautiful island with my love. Jared and I celebrated 8 years of dating on April 26th. A week before our anniversary he text me a picture of an adorable cottage with the words "don't make plans for next weekend." I was smitten. I love surprises...however I am usually the surprise planner, not the one being surprised! He kept it a secret the whole week giving me very (very) vague hints and leaving the suspense building. I kept guessing for fun and even said, "don't tell me if I get it right!" It wasn't until we were on the Bay Bridge that I guessed it! I had never been to Chincoteague and he was genuinely shocked that I guessed. He, himself, had only been as a child and had never mentioned any stories from the trip. (Side note: the only thing he remembered was an ice cream shop named Mister Whippy and what do ya know?! It was there and the ice cream was as amazing as ever<3)

The drive was incredible, it felt like a weight had been lifted, as we drove away from responsibilities, hustle & bustle, and yes, even our phones. Well, we had them with us, but we decided to disconnect. I had never really given it a try and I must admit it was SUCH a breath of fresh air. Running a business from your phone leaves you attached 24/7 and while the marvels of technology are truly the main way of even being able to run a business in this day and age, it's also important to step away from it all and be present. To travel and fall in love with different places is something that is too often taken for granted. As we watched the sunrise on Sunday morning, it hit me that Chincoteague had taken a piece of my heart. I feel like that's the point of traveling. Travel to all the wonders of the world, explore what may be right under your nose, but in those new places, always allow yourself to fall so deeply in love with your surroundings that you know for a fact you'll be forever changed by its effect on you.

The pictures really do tell our weekend getaway story beautifully so I won't go into details. I do however want to give this handsome man of mine a shoutout and alll the credit in the world for dreaming up this trip for us. Jared, from the observation deck of the NASA facility, to the 5 am wake up call to see the sun rise, you went above and beyond to make this weekend special. Here's to all the little moments that will always be ours. You, sir, are in fact my sun, my moon, and all of my stars. I love you infinitely



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