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Hello hello! Blair here on this dreary #whimsywednesday! The past two days my hubby and I took a little mini vacay to Baltimore to go see his favorite baseball team, the Cleveland Indians, take on the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards. Since they made it to the World Series last year and we spent our WHOLE honeymoon watching them (face palm - JK hunny bunny, I actually enjoyed it ;) ) , we figured since they were going to be just a short drive away from us, we might as well take the opportunity to see them in person while we can, and hey, I was just happy that meant two days off of work because #whatissports! ;) 

Monday's weather was FABULOUS (sarcasm is fun)! But really, the drive up was absolutely GORGEOUS! and i SHIT YOU NOT, as soon as we pulled up to the hotel we could barely stand up without being blown away! The wind was insane and moments later the sky dropped! Oh well, whaddya do besides gear up and still go be total tourists? We stopped into the Hard Rock after a little sight seeing and had a few too many drinks before hitting the stadium! A friend told us the stadium had one of the best crab cakes in the city and boy was he right?! (not pictured because I scarfed it down before I remembered to capture it - whoops) The Indians slammed the Orioles so that was fun to watch for my hubby! We had a blast, even if it was 100 degrees and humid AF (hence the hair *eye roll*)!

The next morning, we woke up from our gorgeous hotel, Lord Baltimore Hotel, and hit the inner harbor one more time to sight see since the weather was BEAUTIFUL. We walked off alll the beer from the night before and then hit up Shake Shack before hitting the road home. GUYS - let's start a petition to get a Shake Shack in Hampton Roads! Just look at that burger and cheese fries! My goodness my mouth is watering just writing this! YUM! 

Anywho - thanks for tuning in if ya did! Preciate ya! it's always nice to do a little quick getaway during working days and I highly encourage everyone to do it every once in a blue moon! It's good for the soul, PROMISE!



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