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Blair Personal Blog | Year 26 in Recap!

Hey hey party people! If you're reading this, it means you actually sorta give a damn about me, and that means I really appreciate YOU! <3  Last week I turned the random age of 27. Nothing even remotely fun or interesting about that age LOLz. But holy moly you could say the same thing about the age 26, yet year 26 for me was HUGE, one of the best years I've had yet!

First and foremost, picking up a camera for the first time not knowing one bit of what I was doing, with that fuggit girl boss mentality and finally deciding that I was going to do this damn thing because what could it hurt! I encourage you all to have that same mentality and go after your dreams because it sure led me into this unimaginable life that I will forever be grateful for.  Hands down, starting a photography business with one of my best gals has been the most rewarding and most proudest moments.  It hasn't been easy, and we still have a long ways to go, but the fact that we even had the COURAGE to start it when we're up against a million AMAZING competitors in this industry and knowing sleep would be a thing of the past, well that's a huge leap in my books and the saying hard work pays off has never been more true!

I got to finally take a honeymoon with my forever best friend/husband to the ever so beautiful Punta Cana and celebrate one successful year of marriage. Spending a week REALLY relaxing with no worries or cares in the world and no time frames or deadlines to stress us out, was truly one of the BEST weeks of my life! Take that well-deserved vacation folks, even if you're too broke to do anything incredible (trust me, I've been there) if you have the vacation time, or even if you don't, set aside a few random days or even just ONE day to just BE with your loved ones and really listen to them and be present with them. It's SO good for the soul! 

Although year 26 did bring some bodily changes (cue the knee throbs, back aches, migraines, sore muscles and eye bags - I'm not my 17 year old fit self anymore *face palm*) I'm still feeling young AF. I really mean that, I still feel like a child. I feel the same as I did when I was 12 or 16 or 20.  I don't know that I'll ever truly feel like an adult. Does anyone else feel like this?  Hey, I'm not mad at it! I don't wanna grow up!

From honeymoons to starting a business to lake hangs with good friends to celebrating two of our best friends get married to random trips to Put-in-Bay, Ohio to celebrating one of my best friend's second child to our first real Christmas tree to snow days in with the fam and SO many more countless memories, year 26 brought me through so many adventures and many, many firsts!  While I still have my "bad" days of stress and a good cry every now and again, I can only pray 27 is as good to me as 26 was! That's all for now, folks! Much love to those still reading! 


Blair <3

Outfit deets:

Dress: LOFT - linked here

Shoes: Free People - linked here

Glasses: Free People - linked here

Hat: Free People - linked here

Necklace: Random thrift store find from years back :) 

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