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Taylor Personal Blog | Year 23 in Recap!

Ohhh man, I can't lie, 23 was hard. Not hard in a sense of obstacles so much. More as in personal growth and discovery! When I was about to graduate college, I thought I had the #adulting thing figured out! Don't worry guys, 23 taught me that I was wrong. 23 taught me that life doesn't always go as planned and that it will all be ok, but you keep on keepin' on until something sticks!

23 was a year of learning to let life take me where I'm supposed to be. That task alone has been hard for someone with anxiety and is a chronic plan maker/ kiiiinda control freak. Even with that being said, so much happy happened. This year gave Layla a puppy brother, Ruger. It gave me the launch of this beautiful business with the most kick ass business partner around! It gave me a halloween in Nags Head. It gave me and Jared our first Christmas in our apartment (I think this may be my most favorite memory, still gives me chills at how perfect it was)! It gave me celebrating 8 years with the absolute love of my life, which lead to a surprise trip to Chincoteague. It gave me a whole year in mine and Jared's first apartment. But most importantly it gave me so many growing moments. Moments that I had to sit back and think on things. Moments that required decision making. Moments that sometimes were hard and some that were so effortlessly easy. I laughed, I cried, I celebrated, I grew.

Each year is meant to change you and tbh change is something I was terrified of up until recently. You've gotta bend with life, or it can break you! I am extremely eager and hopeful of what this golden year has to offer and I am extremely thankful for all of 23's experiences and lessons learned!



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