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Mr. & Mrs. Copeland 6.25.17 | Wedding Blog

Happy blog day friends! We are so so excited to get this beautiful wedding up and brag a little more about how awesome our clients are! Nicole and Brandon were a dream to work with! Wedding jitters weren't even a thing with them! They stayed as cool as a cucumber all through planning and all the way through their big day. We met up with them a few times prior to their wedding day to discuss the details of how their day would play out. It was apparent from the beginning that they didn't care about fussing over the small stuff. They are so beautifully in love and all they truly cared about was saying their vows and celebrating, that's the whole point of the day anyways, right? It's safe to say their day was executed perfectly, no stress was had, and everyone had a blast!

This wedding was packed full of the sweetest memories for us as photographers. Like Nicole being so stoked on her vegan wedding cake! (omg so delicious!) It was very important to both of them to have all of the children in their life included. Our hearts just about exploded that Nicole not only made it a point to dance with just about every single one of the children in attendance, she also had huge coloring books and colored pencils to make them feel special as well! It was undeniable the amount of love that was felt in their stunning venue! Everyone danced and sipped on the most delicious alcohol-free watermelon mojito (but really can we get that recipe? YUM)! Even the staff at Cypress Point Country Club was so accommodating and we believe there is something to be said for the staff at any sort of event. They can make or break the feel and every person we encountered was amazing! 

It was very apparent that these two lovebirds have already intertwined their lives so perfectly. Everyone in the room felt like one huge family! It was such a beautiful experience and we know for a fact Nicole and Brandon have many, many years of happiness before them, and the best group of people as a support system. 

Nicole & Brandon, thank you so, so much for allowing us to capture your absolutely stunning day. Everything about your wedding was lovely and sweet and has us reliving it to this day. Here's to you both!


The Whimsy Nomads 

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