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Corine & Jordan | Maternity Session

So much has happened since this sweet session. The biggest thing being that these two have officially become parents! River made his entrance on August 16, 2017 - making him one month old already tomorrow! *pass the tissues!*

Corine and Jordan were the sweetest as we ventured through Bennett's Creek Park with Corine literally about to pop! These two allowed us to capture their gender reveal, maternity, and Tay was even at the hospital with camera in tow when River was born! Full disclosure, Corine is Tay's baby cousin, if we haven't mentioned that already, so we totally used her as a guinea pig for birth pictures and it was SO much fun! Well really it was immediately after birth (not during) but still so sweet and endearing and special to be there to witness the first few moments of a parent/child bond. The anticipation was such a rush and seeing his sweet face after months of daydreaming what he would look like was unlike any other! We don't get to offer this service because we both work full time but this situation happened to work out perfectly for Tay to be there! *sigh* maybe one day!

Of course, the sessions requested after birth pictures areeee newborns! We do get a lot of inquiries for newborn photography and while we love to experiment with lifestyle family, we gladly admit when we aren't the best of the best in any given area! With that being said, we give recommendations of other great newborn photographers in the area that we follow and adore! We have dabbled in newborn photography in the very beginning of our journey and we have to admit, it's HARD STUFF! We have so, SO much respect for people that dedicate it as their niche! It takes a very special, patient person!

Anywho, there's our explanation about why you may occasionally see some out of the ordinary content on our feed, especially with one of our very own now expecting! But for the most part if you send us an inquiry on these topics, this is why we will probably send you recommendations! We give credit where credit is due and we want our clients to get the best bang for their buck, even if it means sending them to someone else! 

Corine & Jordan, we adore you two. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of not only yours, but River's journey as well! We love you mucho and couldn't be happier to see your sweet little family thriving in this new chapter of your lives! 


The Whimsy Nomads

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