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Arika Bolton | Senior Session

Senior sessions mean so much to us and this beauty was an absolute dream to work with! Each session we do with a senior (high school or college), we make it a point to try and truly capture their essence. Who they are in that particular moment, right before a huge life transition. Change is hard and scary, and it's really important to feel confident walking into the next chapter! Senior sessions are full of both celebrations of what has been accomplished and talk of the future.

We love hearing about our seniors. What they have in mind, what they are looking forward to. But we also love taking the evening to distract them of the change as well. We've all been there. We've been asked the same questions a million different ways and we've felt the same pressure to answer perfectly. So to be perfectly honest, we walk away from most of our senior sessions without knowing our senior's exact plan, and at first it made us self conscious. That pressure of answering the right question came to us in the form of "did we ask the right questions?!" BUT we do walk away with genuine encounters, no forced small talk and a check list of topics we have to know. We walk away with gut laughs and in this case searching for a towel after an impromptu water session, in which Arika totally went for it and was drenched head to toe by the end of the night.

Senior sessions are so different than engagement or family sessions because the pressure is already on the client in a lot of ways. It's just them in front of a camera (or two in our case). They don't have their loved ones around to distract and help make feel comfortable. So our take away recently has been who needs the added pressure? Like we said we want to hear all of our clients hopes, goals, and dreams! But we're also down to just laugh and take super fun pictures that capture where you are and who you are at this juncture of your life.

Arika, thank you so so much for allowing us to capture this time in your life. We wish you nothing but the best and we know for a fact, you've got great things coming your way!


The Whimsy Nomads

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