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Adrienne + Josiah | Engagement Session

Ah where do we begin?! Adrienne is Blair's cousin through marriage - she's from a small town in Ohio - New Bavaria! Ever heard of it?! Probs not! But it has become one of Blair's absolute favorite towns to visit during the holidays, and well at anytime for that matter! Field after field, barn after old barn - there's just something about that small town life that's so relaxing, so gorgeous and humbling! 

Adrienne and Josiah met through the ever popular Tinder dating app a few years back and it was history from there! Josiah proposed this year on his family vacation in Onekama, Michigan at the Lighthouse Beach! Adrienne's side of the family was actually vacationing in the OBX at the same time with Blair & Brad's fam and although they missed Adrienne this year, they were SO stoked when they got the FaceTime from Adrienne & Josiah announcing their engagement! Now these two love bugs are getting married next July and we are so honored we get to be the ones to capture such a special time! 

We are STILL in awe of the fact that these two trusted us enough to make the  TWELVE hour drive to VA to capture their engagement photos! They said their favorite thing to do together was to cuddle up and eat milk and cookies SO you know we had to incorporate that into their session! Off to the beach we went and boy did we have such a blast! Adrienne and Josiah, you'll never know how much that long trip meant to us! Thank you SO much for trusting in us to capture these for you and we cannot wait until next July! 


The Whimsy Nomads

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