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Autumn + Bryan | Engagement Session

Hi friends! We're so stoked to share this stunning blog with you finally! Autumn is one of Blair's very best friends, the A to the BWKA posse! And she is getting MARRIED in April! We can't even begin to explain all the feels we get when we say that! This girl deserves the absolute WORLD and that's what she's getting and we are so SO happy for her! Autumn and Bryan met at one of the good ole CNU college parties at Blair's house back in the day and it was history from there! Now they're raising their cutest little one, Lawson, and it's such a treat to watch them grow as parents! 

We got to be the luckiest photographers and capture their engagement session (and their wedding in April - Ahhhh!! *all the heart eyes*)! We headed to Brock Environmental Center, a place Autumn and Bryan go often, almost daily since it's so close to their house! We have to say that this may have been the BEST golden hour we've ever shot in! It seriously took our breath away! With every click of our camera, we were legit screaming with joy as we looked back at the beautiful images we had just captured! 

Autumn & BO - words can't express how thankful we are you trusted us to capture these for you! Thank you for being our  perfect boho clients! Can't wait to plaster your sexy faces all over our website update! ;) April can't come quick enough!!! We love you both!!! 


The Whimsy Nomads 

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