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Taylor Personal Blog | The Proposal

The back story: Jared and I have been dating since we were merely babies at age 15. I had a MAJOR crush on him from afar and just about died when he sent me a MySpace, yes MySpace, friend request. We exchanged numbers and text just about every hour of the day until we hung out for the very first time on January 26th, 2009. I was so intrigued by him. He was weird, and I loved it. We quickly became best friends. Fast forward a few months, a week after his 16th birthday, April 26th, 2009, we were talking on the phone and he told me he had a question for me next time we saw each other in person...being who I am I begged him to just ask me then! Eventually he gave in and asked if I’d be his girlfriend and I was stunned. Jared wasn’t the “steady girlfriend type” but I said yes through giggly jitters and was excited to see where it would take us! He said he loved me for the first time July 26th, 2009 and all the milestones in between consisted of: 2 proms, a ring ceremony, high school graduation, 4 years of a long distance relationship while we were in college, a Layla pup, college graduation, our first apartment (we got the keys on April 26th...are you sensing a trend??), a Ruger pup, a career change, a brand new business, and all that life could throw us in the midst.

The past year has been one of the hardest I’ve yet to navigate through. Personally I have battled health concerns, family situations, and uncertainty of what path I’m headed down career wise. We have both struggled through some of our hardest adjustments as a couple and I can honestly say we’ve learned more about one another in the past year than we have in the past 7 combined. We grew. We’re still growing. But one thing has always remained consistent. We choose each other. Before anything in this world, we are absolute best friends. We’ve grown up together and have seen each other in every capacity possible.

The proposal: December 26, 2017- Jared had to work the day after Christmas and I was off. He called that morning and said he’d probably be getting off work early and wanted to know if I wanted to catch the ferry and grab lunch (something we pretty regularly do), so without suspicion I said yes. He came home from work, we got ready, and we started the walk down our street for the ferry. He mentioned he stopped by his parents house on the way home to grab one of my gifts that had come in so he asked if we could swing by the car to grab it. As we passed the park near our house he asked if I wanted to stop and open it there since we go there often. That sweet little park has grown to be one of our favorite things about living in Olde Towne. We find ourselves going there to talk, take the pups to play, I even threw Jared a surprise party there last spring! We sat down on the same bench we always sit on and I began to open the gift. First I opened the card. To be honest this is when my heart started racing and I couldn’t fully read because I could feel Jared’s nerves kick in. I still thought it was just a really cool gift he was excited to give me though! No clue what was coming next. I open the box, unfold the fabric, and he swoops in with a lighter! Guys, I shit you not a flame went about two feet over my head! I was so confused! What just happened?! I yelled babe and glance in the dish. Before I could fully comprehend what was happening I was in full on ugly cry and he was on one knee. I have no idea what words he used to ask me but I kept crying and saying “are you serious? Is this real? Yes! Of course!” Then my bestie and her hubby pop out of the bushes and they had caught everything on camera! Every little detail was perfectly planned. From where he got my ring, to Blair being there to capture it, to adding another monumental 26th to our list of milestones, I couldn’t have dreamed a better proposal. I think that’s why I’m still in awe of the entire event. After all these years, he traditionally went to my father for my hand  in marriage, he spent many hours with my grandmother trying to find the perfect ring, and he made damn sure to keep his cool because I did not suspect a thing! Special side note to my mom for hooking us up with dope Hubs&Hers gear to have moments after we got engaged...Jared immediately wanted to know where his ring was after seeing his shirt! hahaha

Jared Logan Glenn, you handsome hunk, you! Thank you for all the good days we’ve shared and all the bad days we’ve fought our asses off the get through. Thank you for the last 8 years of navigating through life with me. Thank you for choosing me and us over and over again. Thank you for all the random slow dances and playlists shared. You are the man of my dreams and my very best friend in this entire world. I cannot wait for our future and all the good cards set out in front of us and I most certainly cannot wait to be your wife and eat all your food colored food for the rest of my life! <3

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