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Taylor + Jared | 4.26.18 Asheville, NC | Wedding Blog

It’s been 6 months since we exchanged vows and the biggest take away so far is...marriage has made me selfish. But let me elaborate on that. I tend to put everyone’s needs above my own and to be transparent, it’s 100% my choice to do so. I genuinely find joy in making life easier for anyone in my life but sometimes I put myself on the back burner. The past few years have been both mentally and physically draining as I navigate to find myself in the “real world.”

When we got engaged I had to learn how to be okay with being happy. On one hand, I didn’t want to seem showy or annoying but on the other, amidst so much negative going on, I wanted to shout from the rooftops that I finally felt things were on track. The months leading up to us getting engaged were some of my darkest days as I battled personal and family changes. I went from so low to so high on life it didn’t seem real. Once I allowed myself to accept the happiness that this milestone brought me, my life changed.

I felt lighter, I thought clearer, and wedding planning was a BREEZE...literally everything fell into place as if the universe knew how ready I was to marry the man of my dreams. I had found that making my happiness a priority was making my life easier and to this day, I try and maintain the same mindset! Every single detail of our wedding day was an intentional, emotional detail of who were are both as individuals and the families we were bringing together. I have said multiple times, our wedding day was far better than anything I could’ve day dreamed about and anyone that was there can tell you my anxious, worried self was the most at ease on my wedding day, which is typically the exact opposite for even the most calm, cool, and collected. That in and of itself still gives me butterflies.

This chapter saved me from myself and for that reason, I have found that I’ve become so selfish with this happiness. I have come to love relishing in real time versus posting about it...and let me just tell you NOT posting is almost as addicting as posting constantly. I’m more present and intentional (aside from the occasional mushy post;) ). I am not exaggerating when I say I get teary eyed at least once a day thinking about how grateful I am for my amazing, supportive, romantic, thoughtful, handsome husband. Before he was my husband, he was all of those things, but damn he does marriage well. Maybe it’s a honeymoon phase or maybe this is our new norm? Either way, I’m savoring every. single. second. of it.

I cannot believe it’s been SIX months since we were in the most magical place reading our vows. I love that we still look at each other periodically in shock and say “we’re married?!” I can’t quite wrap my head around all that we’ve had going on since then, but I couldn’t imagine doing any of it without you! You are a constant source of support, laughter, romance, and such a breath of fresh air. You keep me calm with your laid back personality and are the perfect balance when I tip my own scale. Thank you for everything you do and for all that you are. I’m so lucky to call you my best friend and husband.

All my love,
Your Wife
(Still blushing)

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