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Mr. + Mrs. Oliver 4.15.18 | Wedding Blog

These beautiful humans have a chemistry that radiates across an entire room. Autumn and Bryan both have the most genuine hearts and their wedding day was nothing short of amazing. From the way they look at each other and to the way they interact as a family with their son Lawson, it's hard not to fall in love with them. The rain didn't stop their party one bit! They shared their first kiss as the clouds opened up to pour and then piled their lively crew onto a party bus where there was not a care in the world except cheers-ing to the newly weds! If you've ever met Autumn, you know she likes to get down and as mentioned before, she's 100% met her match. These two danced the night away, along with every guest in the house! This was the type of wedding we dream of, the kind that doesn't even feel like work! You can't help but hold a camera up to them and hope to capture every second! We love you so much Oliver fam, let us follow you around and take pictures forever! 

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