The Whimsy Nomads


Taylor + Jared Engagement Session | Olde Towne Portsmouth, VA

Hi there! Tay here! At this point, we are in fact already married but I just wanted to hop on and share these beautiful images Blair spent ALL day taking for us one lovely Sunday! Jared and I have dated since we were 15 years old and these are the first professional "couple's photos" we've ever taken! We wanted to keep these as real and "us" as possible. We currently live in Olde Towne and wanted our engagement photos to really just be a "day in the life" type of session. So here ya have it folks; we eat fruity pebbles, hang out with our pups, smooch a lot, get ready together, and try to make it over to Waterside as often as possible for Fudgery dates! Me and Blair always shoot together and here lately we've been put in situations where one or the other is solely shooting! It's been an adventure and super exciting but it's mainly been so cool to watch us KILL it on our own yet keep our styles and shooting so consistent (we're actually the same person in two bodies so that helps! haha) Don't worry y'all the dynamic duo is staying a duo, but Blair 100% captured our love and we will cherish these (and plaster them all over our apartment) forever so I had to throw her the BIGGEST THANK YOU. Thank you for sticking by our sides for an entire day and letting us get super comfortable and lovey dove in front of the camera. We love you 5ever!